“Laura Harley is a truly enlightened coach. I never leave a coaching session without a new insight into my life and the world around me. Laura’s coaching instills me with the energy and zest for life that I have been craving for all of my adult years. Her skilled and compassionate guidance has enabled me to achieve professional goals that I couldn’t have imagined before we started our coaching partnership. I am ready for any challenge or adventure, knowing that Laura is in my corner.”
-Project Manager and Small Business Owner

“Laura Harley is a very accomplished and gifted coach. She combines deep compassion, powerful questions, and a rock solid belief in her client’s potential to create a space that is safe, courageous and growth inducing. Her coaching has been extremely valuable to me in terms of helping me do my inner work and then turning it back outward so that I can better achieve my goals in the outer world.”
-Business Owner and Corporation President

“Laura has transformed my life with her skills and talents. She is compassionate, caring, empathetic, encouraging, sensitive to a persons feelings, and highly supportive. Laura has a unique, almost clairvoyant ability to understand what a person is going through and determine exactly what they need with very little information or interaction. These qualities and her wonderfully vibrant character make any individual or company with the chance to interact with her very fortunate.”
-Business Owner and Music Producer

“I worked with Laura for several coaching sessions, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarification in their personal or professional life. Not only does she have an excellent career and training background for what she does, but she also has a special gift for connecting with people and truly, deeply listening to what they have to say. She is wise, warm, and creative – qualities that together make her a profoundly effective coach.”
Financial Planner

“Laura immediately creates an environment that is safe, nurturing and conducive to positive growth. Acting like a gardener with great compassion and patience she encourages and facilitates an understanding, at your own pace, of our true reality that is “unstuckable”, fluid, and dynamic. I deeply appreciate her capacity to perceive, discover and encourage strengths that each one of us possesses, and so I truly own and participate in the process of change.”
Teacher and Writer

“It took me a few months to find the courage to hire Laura as my life coach, only because I still hung on to the stigma and bad experiences that were associated with having hired a psychologist in the past. That experience left me feeling disconnected, weary and it was hard for me to trust and open up to external resources.

My first visit with Laura, she had asked me what were my goals for the coaching sessions. I told Laura that I had wanted to “Heal,” I wanted to break the cycle of abuse, I wanted to be the best person that I could be to my Husband, two little girls, to myself. I also wanted to revisit a nudging question that I always had when I was a little girl growing up in so much hardship and adversity; that question is “why am I here, what’s my life purpose and how do I fulfill my life purpose?”

Laura always made me feel safe and let me go at my own pace that was comfortable. During the initial consultation, I instantly felt as if a curtain had been pulled away and I was able to see for the first time the healing take place inside of me. As Laura patiently and compassionately guided me through my journey of healing, I could see myself getting stronger inside. Our sessions have been remarkable, life changing and uplifting, its like the missing piece that completes the puzzle in my life. I now have the courage to start the next chapter in my life and embark on a different journey. Laura is truly a gifted life coach, a rare jewel to be treasured.”
Small Business Owner

“I love how positive Laura is about everyone’s comments and opinions. She creates an atmosphere of comfort, safety, and compassion. She is knowledgeable and passionate. And, she was so real!”
Workshop Participant