Setting Goals That Inspire You


As a coach, I work with my clients to support them in setting effective and inspiring goals for their lives.  There are many resources that give helpful advice on the mechanics of how to create effective goals.

For example, it is very helpful to create “SMART” goals with the following qualities:

  • S=Specific  (Who will achieve this goal, what will be achieved, where will it be achieved, when will it be achieved, what is the purpose of the goal?)
  • M=Measurable  (How will you know when you’ve reached your goal?)
  • A=Attainable (Do you have what you need to reach this goal?)
  • R=Realistic (What experience do you have with similar goals?  Do your goal and timeframe seem achievable?)
  • T=Timely (What is your specific time-frame for achieving this goal?)

There is no doubt that mechanics such as these are important.

But I’ve discovered that the most important part of creating goals is to make goals that truly thrill and inspire you.  If your goals don’t do this, they feel mechanical and you are much less likely to feel motivated to achieve them.  You have one life, so why not live it according to goals that feel truly compelling?

To create truly compelling goals, first allow yourself the time and space to explore how you would really like things to be.  If your goal is to clean your house more often, you might ask yourself questions such as these:

How do I really want my house to look and feel? (Really give yourself a moment to visualize and imagine how it would feel.)

If my house looked and felt that way, what would be different in my life?

What is it costing me to NOT have the house I envision?

What is my goal really about?  In other words, what is most important to me about this goal?

After exploring these questions you might find yourself moving from the goal of “cleaning my house once a week” to the more compelling goal of “cleaning my house once a week in order to create an environment of beauty and clarity in which my family and I can thrive”.   You are now in touch with the mental image of your completed goal, the feelings you will have when you reach it, and the true importance of your goal for your life.  Referencing these factors throughout your project will provide you with the focus and inspiration you need to complete it.

Try approaching your goal-setting from this perspective and see what shifts for you.  And if you find you need a coach to help you see things from a fresh perspective and help you articulate your ideas, contact me.

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